Welcome to the Göttingen Campus postdoc portal

A postdoc or postdoctoral researcher is defined here as a PhD holder who conducts professional research under a time-limited contract or fellowship. However, information on this portal can be relevant from late-stage PhD level to early-stage independent group leader, researcher or (Junior) Professor.

Career development

Individual mentoring, specific skills training and advisory services – find out about the wide variety of opportunities to develop your career.


Joining a network is the ideal way to access appropriate support and information for your needs and career stage. Here are some of the networks across the campus.

Mental health support

Everyone needs support some time. There are many different types of support and ways to access this support. Here is an overview of assistance offered regionally and nationwide.

Postdoc issues

Applying for a Postdoc Job? 
These 18 tips for a successful application from the UK’s Guardian newspaper might be of interest. It includes the advice “to start building your networks early” so you can put some research into this at the 3rd GC Postdoc Social!

Postdoc issues

The surprises of starting as a new PI
Read about the unexpected surprises and setbacks of running your own lab: four researchers who just became PIs

Postdoc issues

Recommended hands-on guide
Eleven quick tips that researchers can follow to more effectively and precisely discover data that meet their specific needs

Postdoc issues

Mental Health
An important theme identified by the GC Postdoc Committee. Have a look this article from the Max Planck PhDnet, which features Göttingen.

Postdoc issues

The Awesomest 7-Year Postdoc
An interesting perspective about the tenure tracks

Workshops, Seminars & Events

There are many workshops, seminars and events in Göttingen and the surrounding area that might be of interest to you. Have a look

Funding opportunities

Several programmes offer financial support to early career academics at the Göttingen Campus. Find out about these and other funding opportunities here.

General information

New to Göttingen? Get information about accommodation, administration, the job market and more here.


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