Career development

Individual mentoring, specific skills training and advisory services – find out what WissZeitVG means and about the wide variety of opportunities to develop your career career during the postdoc phase. If you are a researcher in Göttingen, make sure you are signed-up to receive the GC Postdoc Network newsletter to get updates.


What is the German WissZeitVG (Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz) and why might it impact your career? We recommend you get advice about your personal situation early on in your career from multiple sources, including your own local HR team. 
In addition:

  • The German Scholars Organisation has developed a useful overview in their Facts&Tools
  • The PhD-student council of the Friedrich-Schiller Universität Jena (DR.FSU) has produced a useful guide (German only) on the implementation of the WissZVG at their university which you might find helpful, in conjunction with getting personal advice. It can be found on this page at “Das Wichtigste zum Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz findet ihr hier”.
  • For background, please see the Max Planck’s Joint Statement of the German Postdoctoral Networks from July 2023 on the draft bill for the WissZeitVG Max Planck


Advance your skills, gain knowledge and develop your career plan with the help of a mentor:


Get information, advice and support on relevant topics:

Support offered by graduate schools

In Göttingen, PhD researchers are registered with the University of Göttingen and supported by a graduate school. There are four graduate schools and one center as below. The GGNB Center is nested within GAUSS. GAUSS offers a service to support postdocs in the life and natural sciences as well as PhD students.