The Göttingen Campus

The Göttingen location has come to be synonymous with high-quality international research. To ensure that this remains the case in the future, the University of Göttingen, including the University Medical Center, and eight non-university local research centres have joined forces to form the Göttingen Campus.

By drawing on their joint strengths and potential, campus partners have created a unique and stimulating environment that encourages diversity and an active exchange between professors, researchers and doctoral students.

Across the Göttingen Campus, there are currently more than 5,900 researchers working in nearly every scientific discipline.

Within the Göttingen Campus, the quality of teaching and training of early career scientists is assured and continuously improved by joint graduate programmes and inter-institute junior research groups.

Science on campus benefits from excellent joint third-party funded projects and 23 joint professorships between the University and non-university institutions.

Latest news

  • Max Planck School brings the best young minds to Göttingen
    Launch of the new "Matter to Life" programme in Göttingen. Students with an excellent bachelor's degree will receive special support at the three Max Planck Schools "Matter to Life", "Photonics" and "Cognition". (in German)
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  • Göttingen University leads European World Humanities Report for UNESCO
    Since April 2019, the University of Göttingen has been coordinating a European research team preparing the European part of the World Humanities Report (WHR) for UNESCO. From this summer, the Volkswagen Foundation has supported the project with around 244,000 euros, for one year in the first instance. The WHR provides insights into current developments in the humanities and forms the basis for future UNESCO recommendations. "This report…
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  • Collaborative research led by Göttingen investigates new ways of pasture management
    Modern livestock farming increases the pressure to use arable land for fodder production. The result: modern dairy farms no longer send their cows out to pasture. The "Green Grass" project, led by the University of Göttingen, brings researchers, industry and stakeholders together in an interdisciplinary network stretching across Germany. They are investigating how grazing livestock can be brought back into the landscape and finding new ways of…
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  • A team of neuroscientists from Göttingen and Tehran shows how our brain combines visual features to achieve a unified percept
    Imagine that you are watching a crowded hang-gliding competition, keeping track of a red and orange glider’s skillful movements. Our brain uses separate circuits to achieve such outstanding tracking ability, one specialized to process color information and the other specialized for processing directions of motion. This allows for optimal perceptual performance, but how do we perceptually combine the color and direction information into our…
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  • Göttingen researchers develop a new method allowing ten-fold improvement in optical resolution
    Researchers at the University of Göttingen have developed a new method that takes advantage of the unusual properties of graphene to electromagnetically interact with fluorescing (light-emitting) molecules. This method allows scientists to optically measure extremely small distances, in the order of 1 ångström (one ten-billionth of a meter) with high accuracy and reproducibility for the first time. This enabled researchers to optically measure…
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