Göttingen Campus Postdoc Network Events

The Göttingen Campus Postdoc Committee organizes regular events for information exchange and networking.
In addition, other workshops, seminars and events of interest to Postdocs are shown here.


Postdoc Activities


When: Friday 15 September meet at 18:30
Where: Gänseliesel Fountain, in front of the old town hall, Markt/Weender Straße,37073 Göttingen (google maps)
Other: This is a relaxed walk around the Wall led by Linh to improve wellbeing. You are free to join or leave the walk as suits you. Please email Linh, to let him know if you intend to join us to give us an idea of numbers. Also fine to turn up spontaneously. There is a good chance of ending up in a café.
In bad weather: please meet in the shelter of the nearby Kornmarkt Passage, opposite the Gänseliesl and just to the right of the Tourist Office. The group can decide to go to a café for the meet-up instead if preferred. 
Everyone welcome: organised by postdocs for postdocs to provide an opportunity for company, connection and fresh air and everyone is welcome (including partners, other researchers, colleagues, friends and family) so feel free to pass this invitation on.


Thank you for everything you do for research, teaching, administration and much more. Please check out the online offers of webinars and other events that are aimed at postdocs and free for all researchers: https://paw-germany.de/paw-2023/


The Forum Wissen is the knowledge museum of the University of Göttingen
When: Thursday 28 September meet at 15:00 for coffee and 16:00 for the tour
Where: Forum Wissen Café, Forum Wissen, Berliner Straße 28, 37073 Göttingen(google maps)
Other: Coffee in the café is a relaxed get together so just turn up. Pleasereply to me to book for the Forum Wissen Tour as the numbers are limited. 
Everyone welcome: organised by postdocs for postdocs - everyone is welcome as long as they RSVP and we have space (including partners, other researchers, colleagues, friends and family).

Research in Europe

When: 9:00-17:00 on Thursday 12 October
Where: ZHG (University‘s Central Lecture Hall), Platz der Göttinger Sieben 5 (google maps)
Other: An opportunity to follow up all your career funding questions with funding agencies, research organisations and experts from the Göttingen Campus. Information stands and talks, programme and come and go during the day, check out the programme and plan your visit.
Registration now open: www.uni-goettingen.de/researchineurope

Postdoc Support and Information Fair

Our recent GC Postdoc Fair was on Thursday 16 March at the Historische Sternwarte.
Have a look at the participating stalls