Support to early career researchers at the Göttingen Campus

The advancement of researchers, with a particular focus on outstanding early career academics, is a goal for all the University and non-university institutions of the Göttingen Campus. This is essential to ensure that, as a centre of science and scholarship, Göttingen remains attractive to the best researchers from Germany and abroad in the years to come.

The Göttingen Campus partners are committed to the following points:

  1. Excellent conditions for doctoral students
    Through the establishment of four large graduate schools, structured support is available to all doctoral students at the Göttingen Campus. Qualification positions for doctoral students are to run for three years, and at the time of initial appointment, contracts are to be concluded for the planned duration.
  2. Excellent conditions for postdoctoral researchers
    The Göttingen Campus offers a wide range of advisory services and further training programmes for postdoctoral researchers and enables them to conduct independent research. Qualification positions for postdoctoral researchers at the Göttingen Campus are to be designed in such a way that they offer scope for planning and reliability.
  3. Transparency in employment relationships
    Supervision agreements for doctoral students are established via the graduate schools of the Göttingen Campus and provide the necessary transparency about rights and obligations of both parties. Additional agreements regarding work profiles provide clarity on the range of tasks to be undertaken by the doctoral students. Comparable agreements on the range of tasks and resources are to be introduced for postdoctoral researchers.
  4. Individual advice on career paths
    Coaching, mentoring and career advice provide early career academics with professional guidance in relation to careers within academia, in commerce and industry and in society at large. Within this context, the network of highly differentiated Campus partners enables early career academics to gain direct insights into various career paths.
  5. Promotion of permeability between career paths
    The Göttingen Campus perceives the diversity of career paths as representing a valuable opportunity. The skills that are acquired within widely differing institutions are recognised and valued. This allows achieving permeability between various career paths.
  6. Leadership culture and staff development
    The Göttingen Campus is based on an above-average commitment on the part of leaders to the advancement of early career academics. Appropriate staff development offerings are available for academic staff at all levels.

This commitment by the Campus partners arose on the basis of the University of Göttingen Position Paper „Prospects for Academic Career Paths“ and the Guidelines for Doctoral Training at Max Planck Institutes and was adopted by the Göttingen Research Council at their meeting on June 25, 2015.