Postdoc Support and Information Fair 2023

Thursday 16 March | 14:30-17:30 | Historische Sternwarte

The Postdoc Fair: shine a light on your future
Organised by Postdocs for Postdocs

  • Come along and chat with experts: get inspired and inform your next career steps
  • Discover opportunities at the Campus and beyond
  • Meet other Postdocs and build your network

Join us for pizza and wine at 17:30 - Everyone welcome

Kids welcome!
Deadline for requests for childcare for both stall-holders and attendees to Melissa.Sollich(at) by 17:00 on Wednesday 8 March.

It is fine to turn up any time after 14:30 on 16 March. To save time with registration on the day, you can register beforehand here.

Participating Stalls

Click here for the constantly updated list of participating stalls (Google document).

The Postdoc Experience: what next?

Postdocs return to Göttingen to share insights about their choices and career paths.
Please join us in the library to chat about challenges, choices and decisions.
We are happy to share what has worked for us.
Please find more information about us here (Google document).