Information stalls of our last Postdoc Support and Information Fair, 4 April 2019

  • Göttingen Campus Postdoc Network: Welcome to our World of Postdocs registration desk!
    Melissa Sollich, Christin Siegert, Camille Couralet, Christine Voss
    Sign in, pick up an information leaflet and put yourself on the GC World of Postdocs map.
  • Social Space – chill and chat with other postdocs
    Grab a coffee, share ideas over a bite to eat. There will be suggestions to help kick off discussions and make it easier for you to meet other postdocs.
  • Göttingen Alumni Networks
    Anne Marie Bessette
    Alumni, Networks and You!
  • March for Science
    Michael Berger, Marcus Boden
    March for Science – what, when and how can you be involved?
  • Corporate Health Management
    Martin Krüssel
    How can we remember to look after ourselves and take a moment to breathe?
  • Science Communication
    Romas Bielke
    Press & PR, public understanding of science, communication
  • Lecturers without Borders (SciEd Network)
    Clara Zemp, Eduard Siahaan
    Scientists using existing travel opportunities to give free outreach lectures in local educational institutions to inspire and motivate underprivileged students
  • Teaching and Learning (in Higher Education);
    How postdocs can develop and optimize their academic teaching qualifications
  • HR Development for academic staff and strategic early career support
    Katrin Wodzicki, Sandra Riethmueller, Melanie Grosse
    Mentoring programmes, the academic tenure track, junior leader support
  • Dorothea Schlözer Postdoc Programme, Family Service, Equal Opportunities and Diversity
    Michaela Dölle, Renate Putschbach
    Find out about services that can support your postdoc experience as well as how you can support Equal Opportunities and Diversity across the Campus.
  • Equal Opportunities (UMG)
    Stella Mueller
    Find out how the UMG supports women who are early career scientists and in what ways the UMG supports gender equality
  • Ombuds office for good scientific practice
    Madlen Engelke (on behalf of Katharina Beier, Director of the Ombuds Office)
    Find out how the Ombuds Office and ombuds institutions of the Campus can help, support and advise you regarding questions of good scientific practice and in cases of suspected scientific misconduct.