Postdoc Support and Information Fair 2022

Thursday 23 June | 15:00-17:00 | Wilhelmsplatz 3, Alte Mensa

Participating Stalls

Welcome Desk

Melissa Sollich, Ritu Goyal, Gabriele Bartolomaeus: sign in, pick up a program and put yourself on the GC World of Postdocs map!

Career development

Research Funding

Innovation and Industry

  • Technology Transfer and Innovation/Start-ups
    Martin Stammann, Feo Lenz
    Learn about your opportunities to develop your ideas for a spin-off company or how to adapt your research project for applications in wider society. We can assist you in applying for funding as well as finding mentors and advice.
  • PraxisBörse career fair and stellenwerk JobPortal
    Claudia Kohrell (from 16:00)
    Find out how the PraxisBörse, the Göttingen Campus Job and Career Fair, as well as the stellenwerk Jobportal can help you (to) find the right job. The PraxisBoerse will bring more than 100 companies directly to you on our Campus on 6 and 7 June 2023.
  • MBM ScienceBridge
    Stefan Uhle, Martin Andresen
    Discover how your inventions and research might be developed commercially and find out everything you need to know about intellectual property
  • KWS – world-leading plant breeding company
    Viktor Korzun, Dorothea Borchardt
    Find out what it would be like to work at an international company, as well as the range of staff that they recruit.

Services for researchers

  • Göttingen International: Welcome Centre
    Heidi Hopf, Kerstin Schütte, Philipp Jeserich
    Advice of particular interest to international researchers, including housing, visas, work permits, schools, and other services in Germany such as health.
  • Alumni Association
    Asmik Kostandian
    Find out what the Alumni Association could do for you at their fun photo booth
  • eResearch Alliance
    Sven Bingert
    Find answers to all your questions about the management of research data - services, training and consulting.
  • Open Science and responsible research practices
    Julika Mimkes, Birgit Schmidt - Ask us about Open Science and responsible research, and how to get involved (e.g. OS Göttingen Meet-up, HackyHour, Carpentries)
    Bastian Weber, Saskia Brauns - Find out how Open Access publishing and the management of publication lists is supported at Göttingen Campus (e.g. publication fund, GRO.publications).


Communicating your science

  • Press and Public Relations
    Romas Bielke, Gabriel Bartolomaeus, Melissa Sollich
    Communicating with the media including social media
    Public understanding of science, organising science-sharing events (eg Night of Science) and citizen science
  • Science Slamming
    Manuel Maidorn (TBC)
    How to stand-up and share your science with the public, whether live at events or for film projects
  • Visuals in Science Lab - turn your science into visuals
    Lina Buitrago, Beatriz Herrera, Alejandra Sarmiento

The Postdoc Experience: what next?

Postdocs return to Göttingen to share insights about their choices and career paths

  • Nico Posnien - Group Leader, Institute of Zoology and Anthropology, University of Göttingen
    Ask me about understanding academic pathways, managing a team, supervising students, developing networks.
  • Insa Flachsbarth - MOJE - Academy for Playful Leadership, Hamburg
    Find out what it’s like to start your own company, how to become a coach and develop yourself. Get access to the support you need whether in academia or transitioning out.
  • Anne-Do Gindrat - Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Berlin 
    Learn what it’s like to move out of the lab and into Science Management.
  • Stefan Klumpp - Professor of Theoretical Biophysics, University of Göttingen
    Ask me about moving abroad for research, academic career paths, finding permanent positions in academia.
  • Elena Jolkver - Xvalue (Data analytics & Machine Learning)
    Find out what consultancy means and the advantages of working in the private sector. Find out what it’s like to be part of a relatively small, new company.
  • Mehmet Gültas - Professor of Statistics and Data Science for Bioinformatics, South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences 
    Ask me about academic career paths, working at a university of applied sciences, supervising and leading research projects 

GC Postdoc Network - Market of Ideas

Social space - chill and chat

Grab a coffee, meet other postdocs and share ideas. Or visit the Alte Mensa’s proper coffee machine and find a quiet spot in the Taberna to talk.